Let us take your line painting experience to the next level, our painters have over 22 years of experience. The quality of our work will not be matched your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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Freshening Up Your Business’s Exterior: SignFlow Line Painting Begins Spring Season in Ottawa

Spring has officially arrived in Ottawa, Ontario, and at SignFlow Line Painting, we are excited to kick off the season by announcing that we are ready to begin painting parking lots for our clients. Our team has been preparing for this busy season for several weeks now, and we are excited to finally get started. We understand that parking lots...

Questions about Line Painting?

We only use premium paint when striping parking lots, our paints dry as quick as 5 minutes with ideal conditions. After 15 minutes of dry time vehicles are able to drive over it.

Most of our clients get their lot painted every year however we have some clients that wait 2-3 years between repaints and some even 5 years. 2-3 years is usually fine but beyond that it may cost more to complete your parking lot as the more faded your lot is the more prep work is required.

Yes! any reputable company should, we do a standard cleaning before any painting begins. Standard cleaning includes a high pressure air system blowing the debris from the cracks and surface of your asphalt, above and beyond that we offer complete parking lot cleaning services as well!

Sometimes! In many cases we will beat our competitors pricing but that is not our goal, we offer a quality service at a fair price and will not cut corners to compromise the quality of your parking lot. Some paint jobs last a week some last years its all about the prep work and attention to detail to ensure your lot is perfect.

Yes day or night we make it happen, we have 24 hour service and work around the clock for our customers.

I have been painting parking lots since I was 14 years old, my late father taught me much of what I know and over the years I have fine tuned the methods used to paint parking lots to perfection. When entering some lots its easy to tell the previous painters did not care about the project and rushed through it, carelessness and mistakes like these keep me up at night we will leave your lot in pristine condition that’s my personal promise.

From one line to thousands of lines we are up to any challenge no matter how big or small, we work with many paving contractors and property management companies.

We set the bar for quality in this city, we use newer techniques and the newest laser guide technology to ensure our lines are straight as they can be. Premium equipment, premium materials and top notch staff makes the difference that our clients are looking for.

Line Painting & Pavement Marking in Ottawa

Line Painting Parking Lot Repaint

Signflow offers repainting services across Ontario, we go the extra mile to ensure your parking lot is painted correctly and will last the test of time. Only using MTO pavement marking approved material for all projects. Yearly upgraded equipment to ensure our customers are getting the best results year after year. With over 18 years of experience we do it all from small residential line painting projects to massive shopping centers. Our night and day crews are ready to help with all of your pavement marking needs!


Line Painting Parking Lot Layout

Are you a sealing or paving contractor looking for a reliable pavement marking company to complete your next line painting project ? Look no further we have an extensive referral list of current clients that continue to rely on our services. Feel free to look at our gallery and Instagram pages of current and past projects.


Roadways & Highways Pavement Markings

Roadway pavement markings is also a very important service that we offer, we have experience in large scale roadway projects that require precise measurement. We are capable of painting 20+ km of each color yellow and white per trip, this includes crushed glass beads that are MTO approved for light reflection.


Symbols & Custom Templates

We have a wide variety of symbols to chose from however if you do not see what you are looking for we have CNC machines to fabricate any stencil your imagination can come up with! One of our in house designers will work with you to design to create a stencil that will fit your needs.

Warehouse Painting

Sign Flow does not only do pavement markings, we also specialize in warehouse and factory line painting, from hatchings, warning indicators to custom symbols and designs. Thus making a safer working environment for your employees. Ask us today how we can help, we would be more then happy to have a look at your project and give a free estimate.


Signs & Banners

A wide format printer in house allows us to fabricate signs of all sorts. We specialize in traffic signage for parking lots but do a variety of other jobs such as labels for consumer goods, banners, vehicle decals and even bumper stickers. No job is too big or small we are always willing to help if we are able to.


Pavement Marking Material

The material being used for line painting is extremely important, we only use the highest quality name brand paints that will last the test of time. When applied properly in ideal conditions our paint will dry to the touch within 7-10 minutes, this allows us to be efficient and complete your project in a timely manner.


Prepping for Line Painting

Without any extra charge our pricing includes cleaning of wherever the paint is going down, we use high pressure air blowing units to blow dust and debris from the cracks & pits on your asphalt. We can’t and wont put paint down over dirt or debris as it will not bond correctly, prep work is one of the most important steps in line painting and one of the key reasons our clients choose us over the competitor.

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